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Sunday, February 14, 2010

gansta gold

so the title is a bit misleading but yes, this post is completely and totally devoted to gold watches. if you were to tell me 10 years ago i would ever want, let alone own a gold watch, i would have thought that you lost your mind. but, times have changed and now just about everyone has incorporated one into their wardrobe. a friend of mine is currently searching for one and requested i did a little research. my fav is probably the first one by michael kors. i love the unexpected, unusal shape. so, if your budget is not allowing for cartier or rolex at the moment, try and chose one listed below for all budgets!

michael kors, midsized cushion watch-$250

marc by marc jacobs, goldtone stainless steel bracelet-$250

phillip stein, bracelet watch-$550

fossil, gold plated bracelet-$125

coach, hamptons watch-$398
ok, i know it's not completely gold, but it is timeless...

freelook, oversized watch-$250

burberry, gold ip watch-$495

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