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Monday, March 8, 2010

the good and the bad

wow. the oscars were pretty fantastic last night. the fashion, the awards, and the really really cute boys who got all dressed up. with all the great dresses on that red carpet last night, i narrowed down my top favorites and biggest disappointments of the night.

first, the disappointments...

sarah jessica parker, chanel
it pains me to put her on my bad list, especially wearing chanel. but the whole fabric around the neck thing and detailing on the back just did not do it for me.

diane kruger, chanel
wow, chanel misses it again. love her, love the color combo. really dislike the whole ensemble.

now, for my favs

elizabeth banks, versace
i love everything about this look. the sparkly headband, flowing gown, muted gray, makeup, hair, its all perfection.

miley cyrus, jenny packham
while topping the majority of many lists for bad gowns, i in fact love this dress. it is a little too tight for her, but i love the concept, color, and silhouette.

rachel mcadams, elie saab
if i could be any actress in hollywood, i would probably pick her. i love her. and this look could not be any more perfect.

anna kendrick, elie saab
elie saab did an amazing job this year and 2 of her dresses made my favorites list. anna looks amazing in this pinky nude grecian inspired dress. it is so understated, that it has made a huge statement. this is my #1 pick of the night!

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