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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

store it up

there are many different lovely aspects of the home i share with my loving husband and sweet pup. we have a kitchen. we have an office. we have a master bedroom. we also share a small walk in closet thats about the size of a pantry. its something i am trying to cope with on a daily basis.

so, in the midst of my growing wardrobe and jewelry collection, i am running out of places to put everything. all of my jewelry is lumped together in a linen closet at the moment which makes it very hard to see. i found this gorgeous jewelry armoire shown above (which can be found here for $540) and felt inspired. who doesn't want there closet entry way to look this chic? is it worth the $540 (i'm leaning towards yes!) or are these just as great, and cheaper?

$269 found here

$359 found here

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