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Monday, September 6, 2010

add shine

hope everyone had an awesome weekend! aj and i are currently feeling depressed now that our trip is over. :(

i have heard from a lot of avid sparrow branch followers to continue posting about products i find and fall in love with. well, i am in love with this new product i just started using. a couple of weeks ago i got my haircut and was loving the way the stylist made my hair look so i decided to buy the products she used on my hair. all of them. they all are made by this line thermafuse which is only available in salons. while i like the shampoo and conditioner that i purchased, i really love this serum the most. it is an oil based product i use when my hair is wet and smells like sugar! because my hair is very fine and thin, i was skeptical to use an oil serum because i was afraid my hair would look dirty and greasy. instead, it made my hair ultra smooth, silky, and smell like heaven! i am completely sold and now can not ever wash my hair without using this product afterwards. it is a must have!

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