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Thursday, October 7, 2010

could you do it?

i have some very exciting trips coming up that i am currently mentally packing for. but, every now and then i am really in need of some help with packing and new purchases. don't get me wrong, living with a boy is fun the majority of the time, but when i need fashion advice, he just can not stay focused. usually, after a shopping adventure i will have a "fashion show" and prance around the house in all the goodies i found. while he thinks this is comical, he provides no actual help.

well, today i came home with a big purchase. black boots which come right up to my knee cap. like any normal male, aj panicked, asked what the return policy was, and insisted they be returned tomorrow.

but, what does he really know anyway? um...what do you think?? all boots are from


via spiga

steve madden

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