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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

being timeless never goes out of style

lets be real, the economy is in bad shape. people are having to budget now more than ever. i am constantly being asked by friends what the "key" items are that every girl needs in her wardrobe. while i can think of about 30 items, here are my top 5. of course, there are more affordable options to these basic items than the ones listed below. but, if you are going to have them forever, i encourage the splurge! think of them as investment pieces. these brands i chose are top quality which will help your wardrobe grow for many and many seasons!

i also felt like i needed to add a timeless accessory which really is essential in every girls wardrobe. the oh so classic louis vuitton. it is a big bite to chew off for this investment, but i promise, it is well worth the price tag! i got this duffel almost 3 years ago and every few weeks when i go out of town, i am reminded of my money well spent!

louis vuitton keepall 60 duffel bag-$1275

anthropologie gathered together dress-$118

this dress is great because its a fun, flirty, classic black dress that can be thrown on without feeling boring.

j.crew tuxedo shirt-$80

instead of reaching for a regular white button down shirt, grab a tuxedo shirt which has more detail mirroring a classic mens dress shirt, but fitted for a woman.
christian louboutian platform pump-$695

the name explains is all. perfection, perfection, perfection

bcbg christine flare pant-$178

a classic black pant with a fit that flatters every body type.

burberry double breasted trench-$1395

yes, the price is high. but its burberry. splurge once, never spend again.

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  1. Loving the blog, Kristin! I have to say that I splurged last year on a pair of nude Louboutian pumps. I could wear them everyday if I wanted to--some weeks, I do! They've been resoled and reheeled enough to where I could have bought a new pair...and I think I'm going to have to. I've learned that such a well-made and beautiful shoe is something I can't live without.

    I also splurged on the Burberry hooded rain jacket last year ( It's less of a splurge that the trench, and I can wear it everywhere!