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Monday, November 2, 2009

bobbi, i love you

i decided to dedicate my post today to my obsession with bobbi brown. everyone is always asking me what skincare line i use so i decided to share the products i use on a daily basis. i started using bobbi brown a little over a year ago and it pretty much changed my life. since then, i have gotten a handful of friends hooked and i think its pretty safe to say, bobbi changed their life also. although i do not use bobbi brown products for all of my makeup needs, here are some of the essentials that i can no longer live without.

soothing face tonic-$26
after washing my face (usually with a neutrogena face wash) i put this on a round cotton pad and rub all over my face. this is my favorite bb product, it smells heavenly.

hydrating eye cream-$45
yes, for some this is an indulgence to spend on eye cream. but, it is super moisturizing and because you need so little, it lasts forever. i only use once a day, if that, in the a.m or p.m.

vitamin enriched face base-$50
this is a new product that i just bought and i love it. smells delicious and feels like velvet on your skin. the only problem is that it does not have an spf in it so you have to make sure and use a foundation that does.

protective face lotion spf 15-$45
for days that i know i will be in the sun all day, i use this instead of the face base. if you are going to use bb makeup, i highly recommend splurging on the moisturizes. the makeup really does go on better.

skin foundation spf 15-$45
this is light, makes skin appear flawless and does not clog pores.

i have the worst circles under my eyes at all times and out of the 100 eye correctors i have purchased in the past, this one definitely wins to cover circles the best. this is to be used under the product listed below.

creamy concealer-$22

use over the corrector. i also use this to cover any blemishes.

bronzing powder-$33

i love this bronzer out of all the other brands i have tried because it goes on evenly and does not look brown and appear fake.

check back tomorrow...i will be posting the rest of my makeup regimen that i use!

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  1. I am so obsessed with Bobbi Brown as well! I have 3 of those items and I am working towards buying the full blown skin care line when I feel like blowing some cash on my pores. But you are sooooo right, once you go Bobbi you never go back!