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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the latest and greatest idea

even though i'm not a celebrity and i'm not being photographed in us weekly, i still have a hard time re-wearing cocktails dresses over and over again. why do they always feel less special the second time around?!? well, i found (with the help of my fab nyc friend) the best solution to this problem. rent.the.runway. the dress gods from above have started this genius idea for someone to be able to rent a dress for the night. prices vary from $50 and up depending on the designer and they will send you 2 sizes to ensure proper fitting. so, for those extra special events where you want to look your best, check out this great website. for a $50 rental a night, everyone can think that herve leger dress came from your closet!

here is a dress i love in bright lavender...happy shopping!
catherine malandrino, retails $595-yours for the night, $75

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  1. I signed up a few weeks ago. Still haven't had an occasion to try it out, but going to give it a go for a holiday party I have in a few weeks. I'll report back on my experience, but if you try first let me know. I'm concerned about the quality of the dresses after being dry cleaned a few times.