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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

get it together

today is a little follow up from yesterdays posting. while j.crew is a great place for inspiration for new looks, there are plenty of other sources to get new ideas from as well. here are some more looks i am loving for the season. i find that the majority of people i know have fantastic clothes and large wardrobes, but struggle with how to piece looks together so they feel "put together." this is not easy to do everyday, especially when working with your own wardrobe. when you get inspired from a picture, cut it out of a magazine or save the internet page to your favorites. that way, when you are out of new outfit ideas, you will have some resources to look at. and, most importantly, be open-minded...anything goes these days!

william rast jacket, ash platform boots
love the mix of the brown leather jacket with black riding pants. for a preppy twist, the white button down shirt adds a more structured look.

layering a long sweater over a dress is an easy way to take a spring/summer dress through fall and winter. add a belt to create a waist, winter tights and fun shoes.

ann taylor loft
a super comfy look. extra long sweater, leggings and boots are items you probably already own.

american eagle
an easy casual look with a jean jacket, mixed with a hoodie, layered over a casual dress, fun winter hat, leggings and cowboy boots. more than likely, you already own all of these items as well.


  1. welp so much for me not asking lee for anything for xmas...i think i neeeeed that william rast leather jacket. done.


  2. Great looking shoes. In their cases, it's all about what's on the inside. I used to own a pair by this company and they were great for hiking. by the way, big LOL on the land rover comment!