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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


so sorry it has been awhile since i have last blogged! my new pup (remington!) has officially taken over my life. i will be posting a pic next....

i feel so disconnected from shopping since i have been shopping for a dog for the past couple of weeks. but, this is a great deal from banana republic that i wanted to share! do you receive emails from br? if not, get on their email list serve asap! every wed of april (yes, i know there is only one wed left!) they are sending out 40% discount codes for one full price item. they have been doing this for the past couple of months so i am assuming they will be doing this for the month of may as well.

i do not think you have to have a br credit card to get this incentive, but let me tell you, i have a br card and its amazing! i get gift certificates in the mail constantly, always get free shipping and free alterations. it is well worth it to own one!

br is probably where i shop the most (anthropologie coming in as a close second) because their clothes are timeless, well made, and most importantly, affordable. check it out and start getting your discount over email.

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