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Sunday, November 29, 2009

men, bundle up

well, a few of my guy friends have requested i pay them a little attention by focusing a few blogs a month dedicated to them. or for that matter, girls who can help their significant others in the fashion department. now, i rarely give mens fashion advice due to the fact that most men tend to be less open-minded about expanding their wardrobe (gee, go figure). i do most of the shopping for my better half although some purchases do go back after quickly getting shot down. oh well, we all can't be married to a gq model can we?!

my first posting will focus on mens outerwear. for my men up north, have fun with your seasonal jackets because you probably will need a few. as for my men down south, keep it more simple since you will not be wearing jackets as often. my hubby has a northface jacket, casual jacket and black overcoat for dressier occasions and this is more than enough for him. in fact, he thinks it is completely ridiculous that he has 3 jackets and believes this to be unnecessary. oh, they will never understand!

polo ralph lauren, down puffer vest-$138.60
stop rolling your eyes guys, vest are cool. wear with a simple long sleeve tee shirt or collared shirt underneath. this is an easy look to wear and will expand your wardrobe. you can leave the scarf at home.

michael kors, cropped snorkel parka-$486.50
a rugged jacket, with a fashionable twist. don't let the furry hood scare you. women like fur. at least the fashionable ones do.

kenneth cole, short fuse jacket-$120
classic, basic black jacket with a nice price tag.

gap, field jacket-$79.99
love the causal, outdoorsy look. men please note: do not wear khaki coat with khaki pants. it's the same concept as a jean jacket with jeans. it's.not.okay.

diesel, lamados leather jacket-$406
aj rolled his eyes when i showed him this jacket. but what does he know? i love it! for you northern guys, rock this look and you will get complimented.


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